Tadano Ltd is currently one of the world largest mobile crane manufacturer, with a diverse product range that includes rough terrain cranes, all terrain cranes, truck cranes and telescopic crawlers. Consistently in the forefront of crane technology, Tadano enjoys an equally solid reputation for reliability, after sales support and product training for the customers.

All Terrain Cranes
(40 – 400 Tons)

Versatile cranes with highway speed capacity and maneuverability, ideal for both on and off-road construction and industrial projects. This model can be access to confined job site with all wheel steering.

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Telescopic Boom Crawler Cranes
(27 – 100 Tons)

Crawler cranes with a telescoping boom.
TADANO MANTIS Corporation (in USA) sets the global standard with the dependability, versatility and performance expected of a market leader.

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Rough Terrain Cranes
(70 – 145 Tons)

Compact cranes with a single cab for both driving and lifting operation. This compact model has maneuverability, capable of accessing to narrow spaces with all wheel steering and can be driven on rough or uneven terrain with all wheel driving.

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Truck Cranes
(30 – 60 Tons)

Truck mounted cranes with outstanding mobility; ideal for worksites requiring long-distance travel.


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